Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Number 23

So Caleb has picked a favorite outfit. This consists of a pair of red athletic shorts (the kind with the little holes all over them) and a blue and white basketball jersey (again, with the holes) with the number 23 on it that someone gave him a while back. The problem is this is the only outfit he ever wants to wear these days. Nearly every morning he tries to get me to let him wear it to school. Nearly every morning I decline. On the rare occasion that he does get to wear it to school (no more than once a week), he has to wear a shirt underneath not only to comply with the school's no sleeveless shirt rule but also because there is a rip in the seam down one side that I've not gotten around to sewing up yet. Part of me is hoping that it will continue to unravel down the entire seam and I can have an excuse to get rid of it, although I should really just suck it up and sew the thing.

On the days he does not get to wear it to school, the first thing he does when he gets home is peel off his school clothes (usually leaving them on the floor somewhere on the way to his room) and don his favorite outfit. He typically wears this outfit every weekend since it's not a school day and "I can wear my no sleeve shirt today since I don't have to go anywhere."

I've tried hiding it in the laundry but the kid has dug it out of the dirty laundry basket and has ransacked the washer and dryer looking for it. I may just have to break down and get the kid some more "no sleeve shirts" so that I won't have to look at him wearing the same shirt all summer. (With his "no button" shorts since buttons are still on the no list.)
Eating ice cream

Another failed attempt to get a decent picture of the three kids...this is one of the last.

Here's the progression of photos...

(Just for fun...scroll through the photos on this page and see how many of them have Caleb wearing this same outfit! Embarrassing!)

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