Sunday, September 9, 2007

What's the Password?

Here's just a quick post for post's sake.

Caleb had a good second week of kindergarten. Each day has been fun, but also long and tiring. The bus picks him up at 7:20ish and he doesn't get home until 2:30 - they do get a few minutes to put their heads down if they wish but Caleb is not a kid that typically wants to rest if there is playing (or reading or anything else remotely interesting) to be done!

Chloe has learned a couple of new skills. She can now reach for toys or other objects and manage to grasp them in her little hands. She doesn't always hold them for long, but she's working on her coordination. Also exciting is that despite rejecting the pacifier on every occasion she has adopted a self-soothing mechanism. She is becoming a thumb sucker. She doesn't do it all the time so I'm not concerned about it, but I do think it's darling that she has finally managed to find her thumbs. (I know, everything this baby does is darling!)

Camille seems to have become such a funny little individual and we're really enjoying our extra time together while Caleb is at school. The other day she decided she wanted to play password. It's this game where she blocks the doorway and doesn't move until I offer the correct word. Typically it's "princesses" if she's the barricade or "ninja turtles" if Caleb's the barricade. I tried both responses and neither of them worked. What was the password? Boogie woogie? "No!" Camille insisted. "I eat boogies!" That my 2 1/2 year old wouldn't move out of the way until I said it was tremendously funny, although I did draw the line later that day when she wanted the password to be "I eat poop." This mom does have a little dignity!

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