Monday, September 24, 2007

The Big Number Five

Caleb turned five on Thursday and oh, did we celebrate! We brought cupcakes into his class for a little class party, went to dinner at Golden Corral (his request) and then had a day of parties on Saturday. We had some friends for a little kid party in the morning and family over in the afternoon.

Here's the birthday boy with his pirate bandanna and bag of pirate gold that came with the pirate treasure chest Auntie Su and John sent.

Here are some photos from the kid party:

Playing musical chairs (I've never seen so many tears over the game in my life!)

Camille working on the pinata

Caleb tries the pinata

Once the pinata split and the kids collected the candy, Rob broke it into pieces so the kids could have party hats. Look how excited they are.

A close up of the Ninja Turtle cake Rob made (This one is Leonardo.)

Caleb loved the cake!

And this won the prize as the best birthday present. Who thinks of giving ant farms as presents? Apparently people in our family as Caleb got TWO of them. Here's the one my Aunt Gail gave Caleb. She ordered the ants ahead of time so they got there in time for the party and we could start them right away. Here is a picture of it.

The other ant farm came from Uncle James and Aunt Georgia, but we haven't opened that yet. I never thought I would be interested in ant farms. I remember our neighbor had one back when I was a kid and the ants got out and ended up in our apartment. Now ant farms are cooler because they are self-contained units filled with this edible gel stuff. There's no dirt, there's no collecting ants, there's no feeding ants. Just stick the ants in the container and that's all you have to do. I spent 40 minutes the other night watching them tunnel. They really are fascinating - but that's another post to itself!

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Anonymous said...

Aunts always give the coolest gifts - they rock!