Friday, July 6, 2007

A Sleepy Day

We spent a long and tiring day in the car yesterday driving back from Vermont, so much of today has been spent catching up on our sleep. Even Chloe, who slept most of the 17 hour drive, got in on the action (or lack thereof).

Here she is, sleeping in the swing.

Camille is another story entirely. I put her in her bed for a nap right after lunch. She assured me that she would stay there and sleep. (Yeah, right!) I heard her fooling in her room - singing and whatnot - and then she quieted down. After a while I assume she is asleep and go check on her. But she's not in her bed. So I check my room. She's not in my bed either. Where could she be? I called her name, but she didn't answer. Then I notice things in my closet aren't where they were this morning.

I think Camille was in the closet trying to get into some food we had stored in there. A box of Cheerios was on the floor and the box was ripped. It looked like she tried to open it to get the Happy Feet toy out of it.

It must have been difficult, because she gave up and fell asleep!

I did move her to her own bed to finish her nap and should go wake her up so we can eat dinner tonight!

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Kathi said...

What a funny adventure she must have had! Too bad she couldn't get the toy!