Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Baby Smiles

Well, Chloe went to her one-month check-up yesterday. When she went two weeks ago for a weight check, she was 8 lbs., 11 oz. Yesterday she was a whopping 10 pounds! (That's 21 ounces gained in just 15 days!) And to think the doctors were concerned about her slow weight gain! As you can see, she is the most healthy, beautiful girl. Here she is today, showing off her newest skill:

In other kid news, we pulled out the puppet theater the other day and the kids have had lots of opportunity to work on their storytelling/puppeteering skills. Here's a picture of happy Camille putting on a puppet show:

And Caleb put together his first set of Legos - a fire truck. I wish I had snapped a picture before he took them apart. But here he is from the other day sporting Duke blue.

Here is a picture of all three kids.

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