Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's not a mess! It's a sandwich!

So this morning when I found that Camille and Caleb were making their own breakfast in the kitchen before I woke up. Caleb was working his way through poptart #2. Camille had made herself a very sloppy peanut butter sandwich, complete with peanut butter on the top - she had also eaten a lot of peanut butter straight from the jar Caleb told me - before climbing up on the counter to eat whatever candy she could find. I'm not sure just how much she ate, but there was chocolate on her face, chocolate in her hand, open packages of marshmallows on the counter...

I cleaned up Camille first, then the candy and then told Camille she needed to finish eating the mess she had made. "It's not a mess! It's a sandwich!"

(And in case you wondered, I took away most of Caleb's second pop tart and tossed out the one lined up third.)

Want them to make you breakfast?

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