Saturday, July 28, 2007

Potty Princess

She took off her crown for the occasion, but you can see here is the potty princess in all her glory!

(I know - totally tacky that I let her eat her lunch on the potty, and in front of the tv no less, but some days you just have to go with whatever works!)


Kerri said...

I am impressed you are potty training with a new baby! I couldn't even think about training Tyler until Dylan was 7 months old. You never cease to amaze me, Amanda! I love this blog, by the way. Your kids are so cute together!

Amanda Rollins said...

Camille was mostly potty trained before Chloe came along. Some days she pretty much has it together, but other days she'd much rather wet herself than stop playing to get to the potty. She'll get it one of these days - hopefully before this box of pull ups runs out!