Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Girl Power Report

So with Caleb being in Vermont with Nana and Papa and Daddy working as many hours as he does, the girls and I have lots of time just the three of us. I'm not sure quite how, but Camille has taken to calling it "girl power" time. (Looking back, I think it started the day Rob took Caleb canoing and I tried to convince her that she'd have much more fun staying home with Chloe and Mommy doing "girl stuff.")

Anyway, we had story time at the library on Monday, a failed excursion to the blueberry picking place on Tuesday (they weren't open), made zucchini bread on Wednesday, went to Sam's Club and the Sonic playground on Thursday, went to the park on Friday, and played at the playground and did some work in the garden today.

Such fun, right? I know it doesn't compare with the mini-golf playing, fishing, shopping and other shenanigans Caleb got to do this week, but don't tell Camille!

Here is Chloe smiling for Mommy

Camille dressed in her finery

(She strung those big bead necklaces herself!)

The girls having a slumber party in Camille's bed

While we've all missed Caleb, it's been nice to spend some extra time with the girls. Camille has particularly enjoying having Mommy's almost-undivided attention, being able to watch her Barbie movies instead of anything Ninja Turtles and having the pick of toys in the house. One day she donned some of Caleb's dress up clothes and grabbed one of his swords and paraded around the house. I think she was missing her brother.

We're ready for him to come home.


Kristin said...

Of all the crazy things, a friend fresh from California mentioned you in conversation, and I said "hey, I know her!" Congrats on the new addition, those are some cute kids! I love the pic of Robbie wearing Chloe in the wrap. John carried Libby (our 1-year old) in the sling a lot, and now in a mei tai. You can catch up on my life at my blog (it's new, so there's not much) -

~Kristin (Scadden) South

Amanda Rollins said...

Kristin - good to hear from you! I hope all is well...I'll have to go check out your blog. Rob carries Chloe around just once in a while - it's really too hot out to do it very often, but I get tons of use out of our wrap and sling. I don't know how I got along without them the first two times!