Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Surviving (but sometimes just barely!)

Monday was my first day alone with all three kids. I made it through. Barely. It all started well (although much earlier than I would have liked). We ate breakfast, got everyone dressed, made two of three beds and I even got a shower - all before 9:00. We were doing great. I let Caleb and Camille get out some art supplies and draw pictures and write letters for a while and I think we even read some stories. By then it was 9:30. We went outside for a while (although that was interrupted by four trips to the potty for Camille - mostly false alarms). We had lunch and rest time. I fed the baby about a half dozen times, but fortunately she took some sizable naps in between.

After lunch is when things got a little hairy. We watched a movie and by then the kids were ready for someone to play with them. Fortunately we had one of the young women from church come over after school and play with the kids. What a HUGE help that was! I was able to rest for a little while, snatch a few minutes of peace of quiet, and even make a trip to the bathroom by myself (a huge achievement!).

Rob has been home the last three days, but is back to work tomorrow. Amanda and all three kids - take two!

Here's what we've been up to this week:

Playing in the rain:

Playing dress up:

Having tummy time:


Chloe is getting bigger! We don't take her back to the doctor until Monday, but I can tell she's chunking up. The other day I put her in her coming home outfit from the hospital and it just about fit her. It was huge just a few weeks ago! And she's finally outgrowing newborn size diapers. I never thought I'd have a kid that had to be in them for nearly three weeks! She is still a delightful baby and Caleb and Camille just adore her. They are remarkably good with her, although they sometimes need to be reminded to be gentle (and to get out of the baby swing and leave the baby toys alone...)

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