Friday, April 27, 2007

Adventures of Super Mom

So today I should be awarded the Super Mom prize. I managed to get my living room clean (including dusting - even the knick knacks and the blinds, clearing off the mantel and getting rid of piles), color a picture of Strawberry Shortcake for Camille, spread turf builder/weed killer on the lawn, spend some time helping Caleb learn to read, make the kids ice cream sundaes for snack, let the kids fingerpaint and do play doh and even watch a movie. Plus, we read stories and sang songs and rocked in the rocking chair before bed. And everyone got their teeth brushed and were in bed relatively on time. Not bad considering I also squeezed in some time for myself - reading a new book and cutting out the fabric for the new baby's crib bumper and watering the garden. Needless to say, I will be going to bed early.

Here are the action pictures of kids at work:

Caleb just starting to paint - the end result looks nothing like this!

Camille was much more worried about keeping her hands clean for most of it than painting on her paper!

Tomorrow should be a busy day. The kids and I are planning to head down to the Dogwood Festival. (It's one of those small town festivals that are popular down here.) The library will have a kids booth set up where they can do arts and crafts and get their face painted, so we'll be sure to stop there. I want to look at the crafts for sale. I'm hoping the booth selling the peonies will be back again this year. Those are my favorite flowers and they were so lovely last year. I'm also hoping to get another herb plant or two to put in my herb garden. We'll also listen to some of the free concerts and enjoy being outside!

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