Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Another hot one!

So I have finally come to grips with the fact that summer has returned to the Carolinas. The good news is that our garden is growing! Our cucumbers and squash are now little sprouts and our tomato plants are almost double the size they were last week!

The kids spent the afternoon cooling off in the little pool and eating popsicles.

I spent as much time in the shade, trying to stay cool, as possible! Can you blame me? I figure with just a couple of weeks left to go, I have the right to be uncomfortable!

This is what I really think of the heat!

It was a nice day, despite the heat. Rob and I took Camille strawberry picking this morning while Caleb was in preschool. (Don't feel bad for him...he has a preschool field trip to the strawberry patch coming up soon!) I finished sewing the crib bumper for the new baby. We watched a movie. Hopefully tomorrow will be as nice a day for us!

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