Sunday, April 8, 2007

Here comes Peter Cottontail

Happy Easter! I had an early meeting at church today, so Rob got the kids ready for church all by himself. Doesn't Camille look cute?

Unfortunately, by the time I got home from church to take pictures, Caleb had taken off his church clothes and replaced them with his Incredible Hulk t-shirt.

Anyway, the Easter Bunny came this afternoon and left baskets filled with bubble wands, jump ropes, magic washcloths, coloring books and crayons, stickers, fruit rollups and fruit snacks. The kids were very excited! The Easter Bunny left some eggs too - filled with peeps, goldfish, Reese's cups, and coins. (The kids were thrilled to get money to put in their piggy banks - actually, Caleb has a penny jar and Camille has a money bunny.) Once I figure out how to post videos, I'll post our video of the easter egg hunt. Here are a couple of action shots to tide you over.

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