Monday, April 23, 2007

The Blue Ninja strikes again and other adventures

Today Caleb (aka the Blue Ninja) spent some time outside honing his fighting skills. Here are some action shots.

Meanwhile, Camille prepared for a career in modeling (or princessing or being a camera hog or what have you).

We had some excitement last week when we (Caleb, Camille and I) went to a State Park with Caleb's preschool class. The most fun part was watching Camille act like a big kid. She sat with the kids on the floor during the "Birds and Beaks" presentation (where they learned how to tell what birds eat by the type of beak they have), held hands with some of the little girls and even found a place in line when it was time to go for snack! It was a sad day for her the day after when she realized that she wasn't going to be able to stay at preschool.

Here's Caleb's whole class (note the cute red head in the front!)

And here's Camille with Keyley, Carolina, Sophie and Elvis (yes, that really is the kid's name).

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