Thursday, April 26, 2007

A busy afternoon

Today was another eighty something degree day, so we decided to fill up the little wading pool and let the kids splash a little bit to cool off. The kids amused themselves playing "Cannonball" - Caleb ran full-speed to the pool, yelled "Cannonball" and then jumped in the tiny pool splashing as much as he could. Camille jogged slowly to the pool, yelled "Cannonball" and carefully stepped into the pool, except for the couple of times she kind of slipped and did a belly flop into the pool. I think I made a good case to Rob on why we need a bigger pool, so hopefully that will materialize before summer officially starts!

Caleb makes a splash:

Camille steps gingerly into the pool:

While they were busy splashing, Rob and I were busy starting the garden. Well, technically Rob was. He had trucked in another load of dirt and spent some time mixing it with last year's dirt and getting it all ready.

Then we planted the tomato seedlings I bought yesterday, as well as some cucumber and summer squash seeds. The kids helped with the watering.

I need to head down to the hardware store for some zucchini seeds and then I think we'll call the garden good. We're minimzing this year. I did get my herb garden started yesterday - I planted a beautiful little basil plant, a lavender plant and then seeds for cilantro, chives and dill. I may hit the plant booth at the Festival this weekend to see if there are any other herbs I need, but other than that I think I'm done. I'm downsizing this summer.

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