Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Starting Over

So Rob and I took Chloe this afternoon to the children's hospital to have a renal ultrasound and a VCUG. At four months she was diagnosed with urinary reflux and since it worsened during the next year, she had a procedure done in October to correct it. Today's appointment was to check and see if the procedure worked.

The good news:
The staff at the hospital were super great. (Probably what happens because we were at a children's hospital versus a regular we-serve-everyone hospital.) Chloe did great. She didn't cry at all during the ultrasound and was super cooperative, and tolerated at least half of the VCUG well. The super great news is that the procedure worked and the reflux on her left side is completely gone.

The bad news:
She now is refluxing on the right side. We now have to follow up with a busy pediatric urology office here who sent me a letter this week saying our April 21 appointment was rescheduled for May 19. Nice. It looks like once we get in to the doctor we'll be starting all over again to fix the new reflux problem.

I think for the next round of VCUGs, I'll send Rob with Chloe and stay home. They're awful to watch and I anticipate they'll only get worse as she gets bigger. Here's hoping we never have to have one done on the other two kids - what a nightmare!


Kayla said...

Oh, I had to look up what urinary reflux is, and it does not sound fun. Is she always on antibiotics?

Charlotte said...

Poor girl. I hope all goes well.

Maureen serrano said...

poor little thing, I'm sure we are in a time that things like that can be fix. . . But don't worry some years from now it all will be just a memory in the back of your head.

Anne B. said...

Good luck, Amanda. You're a strong woman and a good mom! Give Chloe a hug from us.

The Bikmans said...

Poor little Chloe. It's so hard watching procedures done on your baby. I hope the procedure clears it up on the right permanently.