Sunday, March 1, 2009

Playing at the Park


It was so gorgeous here on Friday - temperatures were in the high 50s. It was cloudy and threatened to rain that night, but compared to the 30 degree temperatures we've had here, it was so lovely. We decided to head to the park once Caleb got home from school. We discovered this great park a few miles from our house - it has this enormous sledding hill, a kid playground, a basketball court, a volleyball court, picnic areas and a little beach. The ground was all soggy and wet when we went there, which limited the number of things we could do, but we are so excited to go back and visit as spring arrives and the weather gets nicer.

Here Rob helps Chloe over a puddle.

It was so windy - just look at Chloe's pigtails!

Rob was so happy to have a "warm" day to go outside and play. I think of all of us, he's having the hardest time adjusting to the cold!

Climbing up the net.

Hanging out on the bridge.

Swinging from the monkey bars.

Chloe excited about something.

Caleb and Camille watching the geese on the pond.

Camille climbs.

And slides.

Chloe tries to climb, but doesn't get very far!

Caleb slides.

Chloe pretends to sleep.

Caleb and Camille sneak up on the ducks.

Look at them go!

What did we do???

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Mama Krit said...

haha! How adorable! That last picture of your daughter is my favorite. :) Too cute! Aren't park days the best??