Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Fiber Show

This morning the girls and I took Caleb out to catch the bus. After he left, we stayed outside talking to my neighbor until the girls got cold and went in. I followed Camille in about three minutes later to find she had turned on the TV and made herself a snack.

When I saw she was eating sliced almonds out of a plastic bag, I nicely requested she eat them at the table. "But Mom!" she exclaimed. "The TV is on."

M: We can turn the TV off and then you won't miss anything.
C: But it's the fiber show! I love the fiber show!

I peeked at the TV and saw she was watching an episode of Good Morning America (or some other morning talk news show) and they were comparing different breakfast cereals to see which ones had the most fiber.

That led to a lovely conversation about the importance of fiber and how people who don't eat enough of it have trouble pooping.

"I'm going to eat my fiber," Camille decided. "I love fiber!"

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The Bikmans said...

That's awesome! Tell Camille I'm glad she likes fiber!