Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Camille's Favorite Things

Tonight we had our friend Melanee over for dinner. I made black bean soup and an had little Mexican nacho bar so the kids could fix what they wanted. I took the time to cut up some black olives because I knew the kids liked them.

As she was eating some olives, Camille informed us that "Olives are my favorite black thing."

After we chuckled for a minute, Melanee asked Camille what some of her other favorites are. The conversation went a little something like this:

M: What is your favorite red thing?
C: Tomatoes! I love tomatoes! My brother doesn't like tomatoes.
M: What is your favorite yellow thing?
C: Hmmm...let me think about it for a minute. I know! Chips! (Tortilla chips were sitting in front of her on the table.)

I thought the conversation was just about over when Camille proclaimed, "Know what my favorite brown thing is?"
M: What is your favorite brown thing?
C: My MOM! And my dad!

We laughed and laughed. I never would have categorized myself as such, but she explained later as she put on her pajamas - "Your skin is kind of tan brown and your hair is brown."

Makes sense to me now, but it was so funny then!

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Anne B. said...

I don't know Amanda, being brown and ugly (I read your comment on Aubrey's post and laughed and laughed!)?? :) That Camille is a character! Too cute. And just for future reference, I always thought you were beautiful!