Sunday, February 8, 2009

Outdoor Fun

Today was the most beautiful day - fifty degrees and sunny. Caleb was not feeling well so we sent Rob and the girls off to church and stayed home so he wouldn't share his germs with anyone else. I convinced him to get dressed and go outside for a while, figuring some fresh air would do both of us some good. He wore a jacket since he was sick, but I was comfortable in just a sweatshirt and jeans. Love it!

We brought out the recycling and Caleb realized that some of the items in the recycling bin would make great snow tools.

He wasn't sure about me taking his picture, though.

Caleb filled all of these cans with snow and was preparing to build a snow castle.

He started stacking them in the driveway until I pointed out that Daddy would probably run them over with the van when they all got back from church, not realizing that it was something special Caleb had made.

Then he decided he'd be better off making it off in front of the house where the rest of the snow is.

Once he was done, he thought it would be great fun to pitch snowballs at his mother. I think this one was taken when I told him it was time to go back inside.

This warm weather was a nice reprieve from all the cold and snow we've had this winter. It is making all of us yearn for spring.

"Arrgh!" Caleb exclaimed while we were outside. "There are still five more weeks of winter."

Yes, but there are only five more weeks of winter!


Kerri said...

Beautiful pictures, Amanda! You are really getting so good at photography!

Oh and I had to chuckle a bit when you mentioned the "warm weather"! I guess we are incredibly spoiled down here in Los Angeles! It has been in the low 60's and everyone is talking about the "cold weather"!

Charlotte said...

We went out to church today and were thrilled with the warm weather. Funny how quickly you think of 50's as warm (in NC that would have been freezing!)