Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quick update

It has been quite a week. Last Monday Caleb woke up with a fever, which unleashed a week of nasty sickness in our house. I'm grateful that it was not worse than it was, but we had two lethargic, fevered children. Caleb missed two days of school and passed whatever he had to his sister. Camille was sad, sick and whiny. Then Rob came down with whatever they had. Fortunately Chloe and I stayed relatively well, although colds are now starting to set in.

In the middle of it all was Valentine's Day. Rob and I actually got a night out. His mother came in to babysit our sick children while we went to dinner. It was an easy night for her as Caleb had put himself to bed at 3:30 that afternoon (a major sign that he wasn't himself!) and slept until 9:00 when he woke to eat and return to bed, and the girls were both in bed before 7:00. Anyway, we had a lovely dinner out where I ordered the wrong thing on the menu. (It does not matter where we go; I will inevitably order the one bad - or not very good - thing on the menu. There are just two many choices and without seeing the food I am very likely to make the wrong decision. I've decided from here on out to let Rob order for me. He always seems to order the good thing on the menu.) Then we made a trip to the store where Rob bought me a beautiful pair of gold hoop earrings with diamond studs in them. I've wanted a pair like them for a while and he surprised me with them. He did very well this year: flowers, dinner, jewelry. He even got me a card. (He thought he was incredibly funny picking out a Cheetah Girls musical card for me since we all know I'm really a thirteen year old girl stuck inside this almost thirty year old body!) Isn't he the sweetest?

Other highlights: I spent much of last week working on a baby sweater that I am crocheting for Chloe. I have one sleeve and the hood left to finish and then I'll be done. It's turning out really well. I don't usually make anything bigger than a scarf (I forget until I've started a project how long it always takes) so I am pleased to see that it is going quickly and actually looks like it may be a sweater when I sew it all together.

The girls and I took a walk to the library for story time this morning. I put Chloe in our new baby carrier and Camille and I walked. It's probably 7/10 of a mile each way and she made it without complaining, stopping or fooling around. I was very impressed. It was nice to have good weather so we could do that.

Anyway, since I didn't take many pictures last week (I thought I'd spare my sick children) here's one of me and Chloe and our new baby carrier. Isn't it pretty?

And here's the man of the hour...who not only was a terrific valentine but was a huge help with the sick children this week...

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have had your hands full! We were sick for a long while this winter and I am still a freak about hand sanitizer and clean hands and no sick friends in the house so as not to go through that again anytime soon. Unfortunately, I know that it is never that easy to avoid getting sick, so we will keep being thankful for our healthy bodies in our prayers.