Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Overheard at our house

These are actual comments, I swear!

Today Camille and I were both in the bathroom using the toilet. She went first and then when it was my turn she informed me that my bottom was too big for the potty. She smiled, smoothed my hair and said, "Your head is just perfect but your bottom is too big." Funny. I never thought it was that big!

This morning Caleb came in to my room before school and informed me that I "bought him the wrong underpants." I did a quick think...last I checked Ninja Turtles and X-Men were okay. "Boys are supposed to wear long underpants." Again, I thought and realized that he was probably talking about boxer shorts. So I asked him, "Who told you that boys were supposed to wear long underpants?" His answer? Alyssa - a girl from school. Apparently they were reading some book and there was a page that said something about peanut butter on your underwear and Alyssa took the time to educate him about underwear. Apparently girls were short underwear and boys wear long underwear. So then he asks, "Mom...can we please give my underpants to a kid who doesn't have any and then you can buy me some of the long underpants?" Thinking quickly I told him that we could do that if he would finally agree to wear pants with buttons and explained that long underpants would probably fit better under button pants. (Remember he's been anti-button since he was two.) He thought about it for a minute and replied, "Never mind. My underpants are fine."

And not to be outdone, Chloe has become a little funny person as well. I have learned I cannot sit down to nurse her unless she is absolutely ready to eat. Otherwise she'll fool. Just yesterday I sat down to nurse her, she took two sips of milk and looked up at me with this bright, giant toothy grin. I giggled, she giggled (the funniest part!) and she took another sip of milk before stopping to flash me the grin. Again we both chuckled and for the next two minutes all she wanted to do was grin and laugh. I'll have to catch a video of her cute little baby laugh. It's the best!


nelsonjeneen said...

Oh how cute with the little giggle of Chloe! I love the comments the kids make. It cracks me up!

Tara said...

It's been good to catch up with what you have been up to lately on your blog. You are so cute, Amanda! I can't believe we both have 3 kids now.

Jami said...

Okay, Camille is hilarious! I really love comments like that from my own children. Marley usually gives me some pretty serious commentary like that when I'm getting ready in the morning.