Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fun times!

Every time I blink I swear my kids get bigger. Caleb is nearly as tall as I am. Camille no longer needs the step stool to reach the bathroom sink. And Chloe...let's just say she doesn't think she's a baby any more! She is getting way too big for her own good. She cut another tooth this week and (*gasp*) she's mobile! She started crawling sometime last week, and now no electrical cord in this house is safe! When Caleb learned to crawl, he made a beeline for a stack of Daddy's paperwork. When Camille learned to crawl, she was after Caleb's toys. Chloe goes after two things: power cords and tiny bits of stuff on the carpet that no one else can see. And it all goes straight into her mouth!
Here she is showing off the top teeth (the other front top tooth cut through yesterday, but you can't see it in this photo)

And I've yet to get a good shot of her crawling. Maybe tomorrow will be the day I take that video...

And someday I'll manage to get a cute one of the three together. Camille is at this stage where she won't give me a real smile when she sees the camera (I know...like mother like daughter). I believe here she's doing her princess smile...no teeth, eyes batting coyly, looking slightly over her shoulder. Who taught her this?

And my girls having fun together...

It was nice today...almost 70 degrees here, so we spent the afternoon outside. Here are Caleb and Camille playing on the see saw. It spins around so Caleb entertained his sister by spinning her around and around and around. It's no wonder no one got sick!

Chloe kept busy eating leaves.

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nelsonjeneen said...

Chloe eating leaves!! The kids are getting so big and just soo cute. Isn't the weather great these past few days. We have been getting outside too. Dang, I should have taken some pictures.