Thursday, February 28, 2008

New duds

So we were enjoying a rainy Wednesday afternoon when the mailman rang our bell. We had a package and he didn't want to leave it out in the rain. (Thoughtful, huh? That's another nice thing about living in a small town.)

Anyway, the package was from my Aunt Gail who spent a couple of weeks in Africa last month. She wanted to bring my kids back some souvenirs and knows that they love to play dress up, so she had some clothes outfits made for them. These are authentic African outfits made in Senegal. Aren't the kids the cutest?

Camille was a little reluctant to put on her outfit at first because of the bold colors. Typically she gravitates toward pink and purple so this was quite a shock to her! But once Caleb informed her that she needed to put it on or he and Chloe wouldn't play with her she obliged!

Chloe really liked hers...they seem really comfortable.

And Caleb is trying to figure out the best way into talking Mommy into letting him wear his to school...

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julikray said...

this is juli kilgore!! just wanted to say your kids are darling and caleb is sooooooo tall!! must get that from his dad!