Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Chloe update, preschool graduation and the dancing queen

Chloe had her first doctor appointment this morning. The doctor said she looks healthy and beautiful. However, she has lost quite a bit of weight (she weighed 7 lbs., 13 oz, down from her birth weight of 8 lbs., 11 oz.) so they want to see her back on Monday for a weight check. The doctor didn't seem too concerned, saying often babies who spend time in the NICU show increased metabolic rates and lose more weight, but he was confident she would gain it back quickly.

And why shouldn't she? All she has done today is eat and sleep! Rob and I left her and Camille with my mom while we went to Caleb's preschool graduation and she slept the whole time. Actually, she was asleep before we left and was still sleeping when we got home. She ate and then she went back to sleep. I'm hoping she sleeps this well tonight so I can get some sleep!

How many siblings does it take to hold Baby Chloe?

Chloe's babysitter - Camille was thrilled to help Baby Chloe. She found the elephant toy for her and then kept pressing the button so it would sing to her.

Chloe has been content the last couple of days to sit and watch what everyone else is doing. Here she is in her car seat.

Here she is just hanging out. Her outfit is a newborn size one - one I was afraid she'd be too big to wear. Look how big it is on her!

Here's Caleb singing at the graduation program. I'm waiting for the official graduation pictures (they had a photographer take them so parents wouldn't have to scramble to get them), and I'll post those when they come to us.

Here's a cute one of Caleb this week at the hospital playground.

Camille has been very interested in ballet these days, thanks to the Angelina Ballerina and Barbie books we found at the library this last trip. Here she is as a little ballerina.


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