Wednesday, May 30, 2007

We've had a busy week, trying to get into a groove. Chloe is doing well - eating, sleeping, pooping, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping. I had forgotten how much newborns sleep. And how cuddly they are. It's been nice to have a cuddly little baby around the house. Caleb and Camille are getting used to having a little sister. They are very sweet - wanting to kiss and hug and hold her. They like to pick out clothes for her to wear. Camille has been showing Baby Chloe how she goes on the potty. (We're getting very close to potty trained...Camille even went potty on the bathroom toilet today ALL BY HERSELF!)

Mom and I had a fun morning. We took Chloe on her first trip to Target. She was very good - sleeping the entire time we were gone. I hope she continues to be as easy going!

Here's Mommy and Chloe:

Caleb and Camille playing the Princess and the Ninja (again)

A cute one of all three kids on Caleb's bed

Caleb smiling at the table

Camille at the table looking sweet

Pretty pink Chloe in her car seat

Sleeping in her car seat


Kerri said...

Your kids are so adorable, Amanda! I love the picture of you and Chloe. She is too precious!

Amanda Rollins said...

Thanks so much! I think so too - but then again I'm a little biased!