Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You're How Old?

This morning Camille comes out with this little gem:

"Mommy! It's your birthday! You're 81!"

Me: "Thanks, Camille, but I'm 31."
Camille: "Yeah. That's what I meant. Happy Birthday!"

Nothing like really feeling old before my time!

Sharing a birthday is really fun, especially when I get to share it with my mom and my daughter. We're lucky enough to live close enough now to get together to celebrate!

I'll give a report later...maybe some pictures.


melissa said...

Happy 81st Birthday! You look amazing for your age!

Yankee Girl said...

Happy Birthday!

Kayla said...

Happy Birthday girls!

J I L L A I R E said...

I'd forgotten it was your birthday...but now I remember that yours is today, because it's my HALF birthday! That means your half birthday is on my birthday, November 19. It's silly, I know, but my family always made a big deal about recognizing the 6-month mark.

Aubrey said...

MAYBE some pictures? Let's make that a definite.

Happy Birthday, ol' lady!