Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our hike

The other day we took the kids for a hike up a trail in one of the local state parks.

Here Caleb is thrilled to hike.

What a cute smile!

Checking out some trees.

This is the tower at the top of the trail.

My family on top of the tower.

Caleb thought that since we were in a tower, they should do some fighting.

The girls played a few rounds of Ring Around the Rosies.

And Camille did a little dancing.

It was certainly a hike we'll have to repeat. Everyone had a blast!


Morgan and Emily said...

What a neat hike! I hope that everything continues to go well up there with you all!

Morgan and Emily said...
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Aubrey said...

Helen was looking through the new posts with me and asking about each picture. On the last one, she said, "What's Camille doing?" I said, "I think she's dancing." Helen said,"No, mommy, she's doing a ballet jump!" Apparently there's a difference :)

The kids look great! But where are the pictures of Mommy?