Monday, September 22, 2008

A visit from Rob's family

We've had a lot of excitement over the last couple of weeks, so I'll try to catch up some...

Rob's dad passed away unexpectedly a couple of weeks ago so his family came into town. Although the reason for the get together was sad we managed to have a really nice visit.

Nan and Grandad came up from Florida with Aunt Brenda and Melinda and Uncle Ernie and Aunt Vicky came down from Virginia. Combine that with Grandma and Uncle James and my little family and we had a house full of visitors! Since everyone was going to be here and it was Caleb's birthday week, we had an impromptu birthday party. Everyone chipped in to give Caleb a Transformers bedroom makeover. I'm talking sheets, comforter, blanket, throw pillow and action figures galore. He even got the Transformers movie! The kid was in Transformer heaven!

They also brought goodies for the girls including a princess dress up trunk and a Bella Dancerella dance like a Disney Princess DVD set that includes a dance mat and princess wand. Come on over and Camille can give you dancing lessons!

I made a batch of cupcakes and also tried out my friend Sarah's pumpkin pie cake recipe. I love the taste of pumpkin but am not crazy about the texture of pumpkin pie so this was a nice compromise. It was really good!

Here's some pictures of the clan:

Making crazy faces!

Camille helps Caleb with his presents.

Caleb is exasperated! "No, Chloe! That's my present, not a chair!"

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