Monday, September 22, 2008

Susan B. Anthony

So Caleb's birthday was Saturday. Since we were out of town the week before visiting my family we did a party there and had another one with Rob's extended family on Tuesday, we had a very low-key day on Saturday. The highlight of Caleb's actual birthday was getting the card Nana and Papa sent. They included six whole dollars - five "golden dollar coins" and one "silver dollar coin." All the kid could talk about for hours was how excited he was about his new dollar coins.

"It's like my dream come true!" Caleb exclaimed!

I took some time to explain to him that his silver dollar coin is a Susan B. Anthony coin. Later that day Caleb and Camille were playing together. I asked them what they were playing. Camille's response? "We're playing Susan B. Anthony. I'm Susan B. Anthony! Wanna play Susan B. Anthony with us? You can be my mom!"

Fun times at our house!

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