Monday, September 22, 2008

Getting Beautiful is Hard Work!

What a girl does to get beautiful! We had a busy morning getting ready for Auntie Su's wedding.

Camille's day started with a visit to Papa's nail salon for a pedicure...

(Auntie Su and John gave her pink sparkly lipstick and nail polish...she was in girlie heaven!)
Then a trip to the salon for an up-do.

I told her this one looked like she had puppy dog ears. She was not impressed.

The nice lady doing Camille's hair put it all up in curls. Her hair doesn't hold curl well so I was impressed it was this curly.

The final product.

Isn't she beautiful?


Charlotte said...

She looks beautiful!! That is hard work, to sit so still when you are that little.

Kathi said...

Who knew after 36 years that Papa did pedicures! What a lucky girl!
She is so adorable.