Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tighty Whities

So the other morning when she went to get dressed, Camille could not find any underwear in her drawer. At the time I was folding laundry, so when she came to me with her problem I promptly offered her a stack of her underwear from which to choose. Caleb heard her predicament and offered a solution of his own: "Camille! You can borrow a pair of mine!"

C2: Really Caleb? Thanks! You're the best!
C1: Do you want a pair of tighty-whities?
C2: Yeah!

The next thing I know she comes out sporting a pair of boys' briefs under her frilly flowered dress. The best part, she had them on backwards! Apparently they were comfortable that way since she kept them on all day. At bathtime, though, when she had to take them off she admitted that she did really like her pretty girl underwear better. Phew!

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Heather Pilz said...

So when Sydney was about 2 and we started potty training she absolutely loved Thomas the Tank Engine, and wanted Thomas underwear. I was willing to do almost anything to get her potty trained, so I bought her a pair, and of course they only come in boys. But she doesn't seem to mind and wears those quite happily. We call them "panties". The only problems was that Emily was devastated I would not get her any Thomas panties. (They don't come in her size you see!) On the positive side, when a friend's little boy had an accident at my house, I had underwear he liked!