Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Best Moments of Motherhood

Rob spent this past weekend on a trip with his family, leaving the kids and I home alone. We had a very crazy weekend, full of misbehavior and disobedience. I feared I'd lose my mind before Rob got home when I saw this and realized that motherhood has its perks.

Because Rob had some time away, I took Monday off. I slept in (nearly 7:00 while Rob got up with Chloe at 5:30), took off around 8:30 and spent a good hour and a half at the big library picking out young adult fiction titles for my course. I ran a couple of little errands, took myself out to lunch (I've decided there are few companions more delightful to share lunch with than a good unnecessary conversation, no requests for me to do things for them, no one spilling their milk on the table...delightful!). I had some more errands to run and then finished the day off at the bookstore. A day that starts at the library and ends at the bookstore is a good one indeed!

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