Saturday, November 10, 2007

Silly Sisters

Chloe loves playing in this doorway jumper. The big kids like to play with her in it.

Chloe being silly

So sweet

And two blurry ones of the sweet sisters


Kerri said...

I have always wanted a jumper, but never have purchased one. They seem so fun, and I bet any kid would have a blast! Heck, I think I would have a blast sitting in one!

Oh, and Chloe and Camille are looking so much alike in those pictures! They are destined to be best friends, from the look of it!

P.S. There is a link on my post for the pumpkin recipe, but knowing you, I am sure you have an even more delicious one in your recipe box!

Amanda said...

Kerri: I think Rob got this one for a buck at a yard sale when Camille was a baby. Since both girls loved it we have more than gotten our money's worth! :)