Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Rainbow Connection

So today we're outside waiting for the bus to pick Caleb up for school when Caleb exclaims, "I see a rainbow!" We looked up, and sure enough there it was. What a fun surprise!

The kids have been really fun lately. Camille has taken to listening to kids' music on CD since she can run the CD player. After listening to a collection of nursery rhymes and other favorites she decided to sing them herself. This is what I heard: "Papa's buns...Papa's buns...One a penny, two a penny...Papa's buns." When I figured out what she meant to say, I tried correcting her, but she refused to listen to the possibility that it could be "Hot cross buns." So there you have a it...a musical tribute to my dad!

Caleb hit a milestone the other day. He picked up a book (Dora's Perfect Pumpkin, a beginner reading book that my folks sent the kids for Halloween) and read it. He actually read the words, not just made up the story according to the pictures. He is learning how to sound out words which is really fun. It's exciting to see him learn to read so quickly. He loves it!

And Chloe is still working on sitting. She can't stay for too long, but she's got it!

Here are the kids playing outside yesterday. I put Camille to work, as you can see!

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