Monday, November 19, 2007

A new 'do

Our day included an impromptu trip to the hairdresser when Camille decided to do this:

(She sneaked into my bedroom and found a pair of scissors in the nightstand drawer - which, incidentally, has a child latch on it...she gave herself one snip, put the scissors back, hid the hair in her step stool and waited for me to discover the damage.)

Since I didn't want it all to come off, we were able to do this, which sort of camouflages the damage, but we're stuck with leaving it down for now. It's cute, but can you say "magnet for lollipop, boogies, peanut butter and anything else sticky, gooey or otherwise nasty"? Perhaps I'll invest in some head bands.

She does look cute, though - don't you think?


maren bosley said...

totally cute!!!

nelsonjeneen said...

She looks so darling! Those darn scissors.hehehe:)

Kathi said...

I think her new "do" is sweet. I am not sure why kids think cutting their hair is such an exciting adventure....ask Amanda about the time she cut hers! Right before school pictures.....