Thursday, February 22, 2007

Our White Trash Trampoline

Yesterday was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine and temperatures in the sixties, so we decided to spend the afternoon outside as a family. Unfortunately, our kids have managed to outgrow most of their outside toys so they've been having trouble coming up with fun things to do to occupy their time. Yesterday was no exception...until we pulled out the trampoline.

Most parents, when their kids want a trampoline, will go to whatever store is nearby and buy one of those giant above-ground trampolines, complete with a safety net to keep their kids enclosed. Not us. We're so classy that we pulled out an old box spring that we had sitting around the house. It was supposed to be on its way to the dump, but the kids discovered how springy and perfect to jump on it was. (Mom and Dad soon discovered how totally white trash it was to have our kids jumping on an old box spring in the backyard!) So we spent a fun afternoon outside jumping on our white trash trampoline and having a grand old time!

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