Monday, February 26, 2007

My sad little cripples

It was a beautiful day so the kids and I spent a fun afternoon outside in the back yard. They played in the sandbox for an hour or so before deciding to pull out the croquet set. Before I knew it, they had tired of hitting the ball (especially since Mommy wasn't setting up any wickets for them to aim for - why set them all up if we can barely make the mallet connect with the ball?) and had come up with other uses for the mallets. My favorite is this:

Of course, when Camille saw Caleb doing something interesting, she had to do it too!

You'll notice Caleb has the sad little cripple act down right away. Camille got the face down first...notice how she has yet to turn her mallet upside down...

By the time Camille figured out how to turn her mallet into a crutch, her brother had moved on to something different.

After that, the mallets became axes, hammers, golf clubs and a whole host of other imaginative items. My children chopped down the giant tree in our back yard and fixed our "broken" toy cars. I never would have dreamed a $5 croquet set would have been so useful...or entertaining!

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