Friday, February 23, 2007

Chefs in Training

For as long as I can remember, the kids have been interested in what Mommy does in the kitchen. Before Camille came along, Caleb used to help me in the kitchen quite a bit...making cookies or mixing pizza dough or whatever I was doing. Now that Camille's old enough to help, it's a fun activity for the three of us to whip up a batch of something good.

Before they can help, they have to wash their hands and don their aprons (Camille's was a Christmas gift from my parents who actually found "Mommy and Me" aprons so Camille and I can match as we cook. Caleb was initially disappointed that there wasn't one for him as well, but pink and lace just don't look as good on boys as they do on girls!). They climb up on chairs on the opposite side of the counter and love to help. They count while Mommy measures and - when Mommy is feeling brave - she lets them dump ingredients into the bowl and stir.

Today Mommy was feeling brave and the kids were well behaved, so we actually made TWO different things - a batch of homemade granola, which we all LOVE to eat at our house, and a batch of Papa's favorite cranberry muffins. Too bad Daddy wasn't here because we finally tweaked the recipe enough so the cranberries weren't too tart. We ate some of the muffins for dinner and are going to finish the rest for breakfast, although we might save one or two for Daddy if we're feeling nice!

Let us know if you need extra help in the kitchen and I'll send Caleb and Camille right over to help! (Just beware, almost as much goes into their mouths as it does the bowl!)

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