Sunday, April 19, 2009

A little bit of everyone

The cutest messy face on the block!

Chloe in an outfit I made for her this week.

I made the outfit Camille is wearing and Caleb's shorts too.

We enjoyed a fun visit with Grandma this week!

While she was here, she made me this dress. Camille told me I looked so pretty. Isn't she so sweet? (Ask her and she'll tell you!)

She's spending a few days this week at "Camp Nana" so it's going to be quiet at our house!


melissa said...

You do look beautiful. How much does Camp Nana cost? Are there still openings? I'm always impressed that in every other post, your kids are wearing something new you made for them. How do you do that?!

Amanda said...

Camp Nana, fortunately, is free - especially now that we're within reasonable driving distance. Sometimes we do have to drive halfway to do a drop off, but it's still a great deal for us. My mom plans to take the kids one-by-one all summer long. If I'm lucky, maybe she'll take all three at once so I can have a little R&R!

For the's the magic of a $1.99/yard fabric store, some cute patterns, an encouraging neighbor, and a large ego. It's really fun to see projects come together - and with small things I get to see results really quickly. I just wish I had more time for all the projects I want to do.

Mommy of 3 said...

You really are doing a great job with those clothes. They are so cute. Unfortunately, I can't sew (except for attaching buttons).

Kathi said...

Nana Camp might go up in price! haha...

Anne B. said...

Cute clothes! Bravo, Amanda!