Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Fun

This has been a fun week, gearing up for Easter.

One morning, the girls and I made these.

Camille and Chloe had a fun time gluing and sticking to make these little puppets. This is when I discovered Chloe has a favorite color. Every time I gave her a color choice, she would inevitably choose "purple, purple." (Camille's favorite, unsurprisingly, is pink.)

Camille was so proud of her creations.

I think Chloe is using hers to cover her eye to read an eye chart!

Another day, Camille and Chloe helped me make an Easter cake.

This little guy, Mr. Funny Bunny, was fun to make. The girls helped me mix the cake (we used a mix because it was faster and required fewer steps) and later that day Camille helped me make cream cheese frosting (from scratch since I only had two extra hands in the kitchen, not I didn't have any frosting in my house). Camille was so excited about our little creation. We filled up on the test cake (we baked two cakes - a very good idea since one of the cakes fell apart when we tried to get it out of the pan) so we gave Mr. Funny Bunny to our neighbors.

This morning the kids woke up to find the Easter Bunny had been to our house and had left baskets of goodies - books, flash cards, frisbees, bubbles, sunglasses, toothbrushes, notebooks, fruit snacks and granola bars. Everyone also got three Hershey's kisses - enough to satisfy their cravings for sweets until after church when they could go find the eggs the Easter Bunny left behind.

Here's Caleb, obviously loving his new Mad Libs book.

And Camille loved her Snow White sunglasses.

Chloe was so excited to find fruit snacks in her basket that it took her a while to notice she had anything else! When she did notice them, she was particularly enthralled with her "Dado" (Dora) sunglasses. (They are not pictured here because she had her eyes closed in every other picture I took of her this morning. Maybe she wasn't awake after all.)

After church today, we did get to do some Easter egg hunting. Camille was super excited about it this year.

Look at all the eggs she found!

Caleb had a blast too. Next year we're going to have to make it harder for him. He was way too quick.

This one was more than happy to go slowly, eating the candy out of each egg and dropping the empty plastic shell back on the ground! We had to intercede and insist that she stick the eggs in her basket before she eat the candy.

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The Happy Holladays said...

Such cute pictures! Your kids are so adorable. I love the girls' dresses. I wish I had made my girls some. Everyone looks so happy and I love your back yard. I hope your hand is feeling better. :)