Friday, January 4, 2008

Rollins Wrestling Federation

Every night after dinner the kids look forward in participating in the RWF - Rollins Wrestling Federation. Caleb and Camille do their best to take down Daddy (which usually includes a running start from the end of the hallway) and nearly always end up in fits of giggles. Even Chloe likes to get in on the action sometimes.

Caleb caught in Daddy's grip

How did this happen?

Chloe takes on Camille. Watch out...she fights dirty!

Don't be fooled...This hug soon turned aggressive...

No wrestling match is complete without a display of muscles. Camille found something funny - Caleb's muscles perhaps?

Even Chloe flexes for the camera

Cute kids

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nelsonjeneen said...

Troy does a wrestling/giggling match with Marissa. It makes me laugh every time. That is awesome that you guys could go up to Vermont for Christmas. Love the pictures!