Sunday, January 13, 2008

In cleaning out our closets, we came up with this old checkers set. I tossed it in the bin to bring to the Salvation Army, but the kids salvaged it. Now it's one of their favorite games. It's pretty funny to watch both Caleb and Camille play, particularly because neither of them is really solid on the rules (go figure!).

Here is Caleb. Note how serious he is in these pictures.

Camille wanted to swing. When she was banished from the baby swing (she got stuck in it the last time around), she scoured the yard for something else to swing on. The choices were pretty pathetic, hence Camille decided to try to swing on the garden hose. It didn't really work. Perhaps I'll take her to the park tomorrow.

And Chloe spends her time outside eating leaves and being cute!


Kerri said...

These pictures are so cute. I love how serious Caleb is! On a side note, did you guys get a new camera? The pictures look wonderful!

Amanda said...

Kerri: Thanks for noticing! We did get a new camera. My folks gave us a Canon Rebel digital SLR for Christmas. We were so surprised and so excited! I've wanted one since Camille was a baby, so I've had a blast snapping picture after picture. What I absolutely love is how I can go "chicka, chicka, chicka" and get a bunch of pictures in a row. Our old camera had a huge delay and something about the flash made Chloe blink in just about every photo. Now I just have to learn how to use all the bells and whistles!

Kerri said...

I want a SLR, but last year we got a new compact digital camera, so i can't justify getting a new one. Plus, after spending the money on one, I would feel guilty not taking it everywhere - But the size doesn't make it the most convenient camera. I am JEALOUS of your awesome pictures, though! Perhaps in the next year or two, we will get one!

nelsonjeneen said...

I love the pictures too! I did notice that the pictures where captured fast and quick.