Friday, October 5, 2007

Isn't it fancy?

So today Camille was a little too quiet during rest time today. Apparently she sneaked some markers back to her room and was busy coloring her masterpiece when I caught her. She looked up at me and, as calm as can be, explained, "Isn't it fancy? It's paint!"

She and her brother both got a good scrub in the tub tonight. After dinner they were doing art while I fed the baby. I didn't realize they had brought out the stamps and ink pads. Before I knew it, not only were there beautiful pictures on paper, but also on my calendar (Caleb stamped every square with a pig stamp and a butterfly stamp because all of the days are his favorite...never mind that now it's hard to read what I have written on the calendar!), the walls and the floor. There was a nice trail of footprints someone got on the floor "by accident" because we really wanted to make footprints. After scrubbing with a Magic Eraser for 15 minutes, the marks are finally gone. *Shhh...don't tell Daddy!"

Caleb said the funniest thing today at dinner. They've been studying fire safety at school this week (which spurred him to write "Call...911" and "Stop drop and roll" on every paper he could find). We used to have this old smoke detector in the kitchen that went off almost as soon as you popped the lever down on the toaster. It was annoying, always going off when there was barely even steam so I took it down. At dinner tonight Caleb said, "I wish you'd put that thing (smoke detector) back up on the wall and then cook dinner so I can call 911." For the record, I do not (purposely or frequently) burn dinner. We had a nice conversation about how we never call 911 unless it is a true emergency because we'd feel really sad if we bothered the fire department when it wasn't an emergency and they couldn't get to a real emergency on time.

Chloe isn't saying anything funny yet, but she laughs at everyone else. It's almost like she's thinking "Are you kidding? How did I get stuck with this family?"


Kerri said...

Camille looks like she is going to be quite an artist when she grows up! That must have been "fun" to try to clean up.

Amanda Rollins said...

Good thing most kids' art supplies are fairly washable. Most of them will come off if you use enough soap!