Wednesday, October 31, 2007

In honor of Halloween...

Here is Caleb with a fairly musical tribute to this fun day!

And a couple of pictures of the kids on the way to the trunk-or-treat. It was a low-budget production this year. Since I've grown accustomed to not going anywhere if possible, Halloween costumes somehow slipped my mind. I did make Camille this big tutu, but forgot that she needed something to go with it. Caleb, after changing his mind a hundred different times, tried to persuade me to let him cut two holes in a sheet and let him go as a ghost. But since I didn't have a white sheet (all of ours are colored) and if I did I certainly wouldn't let him go as a ghost anyway (the last thing I need is to have him out in the dark not able to see anything!), he opted to wear part of his Ninja Turtle suit. He was not a Ninja Turtle, he made sure to clarify. He was just a regular turtle. Camille was a "ballerina princess." Chloe is a little ballerina.

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