Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year!

Well hello there. I hope things have been well with you since we last posted (more than a year ago). Our year was busy as we worked on the house (landscaping was Rob's focus), worked (A and R), went to school (C1, C2, C3), participated in sports (Football for the boy, cheerleading for the girls), and whatnot. Here's some photo evidence that we did exist in 2013! We got a LOT of snow! Caleb helped shovel before taking a break. Two little Valentine's Day girls! Chloe learns to read. Amanda gets lasik. Amanda gets new (blonder and sometimes straighter hair) Matching Easter dresses. Someone needs a lesson on how to play a proper April Fool's Day trick. Our house gets a fence. Caleb gets a mowhawk and begins his obsession with sneakers. Then we send him away to scout camp. Camille makes a dress (earning herself sewing lessons from Grandma on her next visit). We tour the Hill-Stead Museum, beginning a summer of educating the kids on local historic sites nearby. Camille builds a fairy house. We visit Gillette Castle. We go to Gettysburg with the Boy Scouts (best family trip ever). Chloe is a first grader! Camille starts fourth grade (with an overloaded, but extremely shiny, bag). Caleb starts sixth grade! Amanda's hair goes back to brown (though it's not always this straight). Caleb's first injury of the season - a dislocated finger. (After he sprains his back, we decide not to play next year.) Chloe enjoyed being the base in her stunting group in cheerleading. (That's her on the right.) Pictures of Camille have mysteriously disappeared and will need to be located. Cowgirl Chloe For Halloween, we have a yellow guy, a cowgirl, and a fortune teller. And Joe Dirt. Also, the Little Mermaid. Amanda went to a librarian conference and scored these free books. And these. She made this afghan. Took the girls to see the Nutcracker. Made Camille's birthday dreams come true by giving her personalized stationary (with her first, middle, and last names!) And took the kids to see Santa! Phew! It was a busy year!

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