Thursday, November 8, 2012

Back to School

All of the kids got to go to school this year. Chloe is in morning kindergarten, Camille is in third grade, and Caleb is in fifth grade. I took their pictures, just like always, and you can see someone met me with resistance. So far, though, they are all enjoying school (as much as a fifth grader can enjoy school, you know). They all love their teachers and have made some fun friends. The kindergarten girl
The third grader
The fifth grader
The three kids who ride the bus together
These two enjoyed hamming it up for the camera


cheryl said...

THose can't be your kids?!! Isn't your son still in kindergarten? Wow! They are darling as ever.

Kayla said...

Wow, I'd say Caleb is the one that changed the most over the year. I can totally see him "rocking" it on the football field.

Heather Pilz said...

Congrats on all three kids in school too! Wow, they have gotten so big. My house was weirdly quiet while they were all gone, and I was so happy they were home until the fighting began. sigh.

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