Sunday, January 24, 2010


One of the few things I will admit to missing about North Carolina is the food. Not all of the food, but definitely barbecue. I was in college the first time someone told me about it and I didn't get what the fuss was about. When I thought "barbecue" I thought of hamburgers and hot dogs as in we're having a barbecue. I couldn't have been more wrong.

There's nothing like a big plate of Eastern North Carolina barbecue - smoked pulled pork with a vinegar based barbecue sauce - with some slaw and hush puppies.

Rob found an oil drum last spring and had these grand plans to make a pig cooker so we could have a big pig pickin' for his 30th birthday. That hasn't happened yet, but I did pick up a big hunk of pork at the store this week and decided to surprise Rob with some barbecue.

Before we left NC our friends gave us a cookbook featuring the best recipes from NC. We busted it out today to see how we could make barbecue sans pig cooker and were excited to find we could make it in the crock pot. It's not quite the same, but pretty close.

Tomorrow my mission is to make it to the store for a head of cabbage so I can make slaw to go with it for dinner tomorrow. We're going to consider this a test run for the next time we have company over for dinner.

In the spirit of barbecue, I'll leave you with a little video. This was the song Rob and I were singing as we worked in the kitchen today. Enjoy!


Yankee Girl said...

Love the song. You've made me very hungry.

Kayla said...

Sounds delish, except for the cabbage part( not a big fan of slaw)!

Anonymous said...


BBQ is NOT made in a crockpot. Ya'll will just need to look around and find a proper smoker. Don't get too crazy about wood. Cherry, apple, pear, etc. can all be used as replacements for the traditional hickory or mesquite. Buy a whole pork "butt" and cook it by remote heat smoking for 4-5 hours. Put a dry rub on it before cooking and add sauce on the side later. Slaw is optional as are potato salad and deviled eggs. ENJOY!!! Posted by Uncle Roy in Arkansas.