Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back to School

We went on vacation the last couple of weeks in August and got back the day before school started. Things have been extra-crazy at our house since then - Rob is back to work, I started my internship a couple of days a week at the local high school library and the big kids are in school. Chloe is enjoying having a little alone with mom or dad time, or at least she would if we didn't insist that she take a nap!

Here's a few snaps of the kids on the first days of school.

Caleb wasn't too keen on getting his picture taken that morning and made a game out of being as grumpy as possible for me. I did catch him laughing in his attempt to thwart the camera.

We did have a good chuckle over Chloe who decided "Me go school too. Me ride bus." She put on her shoes (on the wrong feet) and grabbed her backpack and jacket (over her jammies) and she was ready to go!

Camille, on the other hand, was happy to oblige the photographer. I was at my internship that day so I missed her big send-off, though I was there to greet her when she got off the bus. (She goes to school from 12-3:30.)

Chloe apparently tried to catch the bus on Camille's first day too!

Here is Camille with her neighborhood friends. All four of them catch the kindergarten bus together.

A cute picture of the girls and their daddy.


Charlotte said...

Every day Matthew asks when the bus is going to come get him for school, too. Joseph is in afternoon kindergarden and loves it! Good luck with your internship.

Aubrey said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that first photo of Caleb laughing! Good luck with your internship!

Kathi said...

So glad that he actually wore those brown shorts!
I have missed those little darlings! Give them Nana kisses.
Did you find your phone?

Kristin said...

half day kindergarten? I'm jealous. All kindergartens should be half day.

Brooke said...

Cute first day pics. How fun Camille gets 3 kids to ride to school with.